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How to Complain

Up until a few years ago we Brits rarely complained. 'It just wasn't the done thing to do'. We'd grit our teeth, look passive and then go quietly about our business!

But things have changed. Consumers are on the march as never before, and when they've been overcharged, receive poor service or they feel they've been 'ripped-off', they want to complain.

Sadly, few people actually know HOW to successfully complain or HOW to go about it.

Most will make phone calls only to find they're put in a call centre queue for hours, get frustrated and finally give up until another day. Others will send emails or write letters only to find they go unanswered.

As a last resort some will approach their local Citizen's Advice Bureau or Trading Standards, where their consumer rights are discussed and finally a 'kindly' letter is prepared and sent to the 'offending' person or business - often without any response. If they do get a response it can often be inadequate and does not always satisfy the original complaint. They get palmed off to other people in the organisation, only to discover their original complaint has been lost or they were told something different!

I have complained untold times to banks, businesses and trades people about shoddy products, poor service, overcharging, incorrect billing and stupid accounting mistakes. I can safely say I've achieved a 98% strike record in having my complaints resolved satisfactorily. My wife says that 'Victor Meldrew' is a pussy cat compared with me. She should know!

Apart from being dogged and persistent, there is an ART to complaining that WILL get results.

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