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Name & Shame

Sadly, poor business practices, rip-off's and scams occur every day in the UK.

When I receive a complaint, or discover a business that's not providing good customer service, or worse, I will not hesitate to Name & Shame them.

Businesses don't like bad publicity. Customer retention is vital to a company of any size, for several reasons.

Firstly, it’s far more expensive to obtain a new customer - than to keep an existing one. That’s because wooing new customers often entails a higher level of costly marketing and advertising efforts and sales promotions to create awareness of, and desire for, a product or service.

Secondly, existing customers who are satisfied with a company's product or service are likely to become repeat customers, and are apt to recommend the business to friends and colleagues. In our global, extremely competitive business environment, holding onto customers has never been more critical.

Unfortunately, not all businesses see things this way. Some see sales targets and quick profits more important than providing an honest service, and will use tactics that are close to being a illegal, whilst others do things that are clearly dishonest.

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